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Justice Nnanna is a non-fiction director, researcher, writer, artist, and volunteer. Their work focuses on social humanitarian issues across the global African diaspora and on underrepresented communities impacted by Earth's climate crisis. They’ve worked across six continents, with a particular focus on the African continent and the Americas.

In 2021:

Nnanna released the research-based social initiative,, which proposes an opportunity to shrink America’s growing racial-wealth gap by eliminating Black student debt.

Their latest film, Earthseed, was released by NOWNESS to 4.5 million subscribers. Earthseed situates life on Earth as a collective and screened at the 2nd annual Floating Cinema (Cinema Gallaggiente) art festival in Venice, Italy.

Nnanna holds a B.F.A. and Masters degree from New York University where he studied Art and Public Policy.

Select showings: UN Women’s Conference, UNESCO (APCEIU), Cinema Galleggiante (Floating Cinema), the Brooklyn Film Festival, the Lagos Biennial, the Chale Wote Street Art Festival in Accra, the Block Museum of Art, and Artspace.

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Upcoming events:

🤱🏿‘Megolonyo: With a Mother You are Rich’ screening at UNESCO for International Rural Women’s Day Oct. 29, 2021. Virtual.

🌱 ‘Earthseed’ screening at Cinema Galleggiante (Floating Cinema) Aug. 25, 2021. Venice, Italy.